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The Carp Cast

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Mar 28, 2016

Rob Hughes joins us with fabulous news from his move to BT Sports and the future of angling on TV.

Mark Holmes goes deep on baiting with liquids and his usual 'out of the box' approach to angling.

Mark & Jamie introduce a new feature, The CC iWoF thanks to a listeners question plus all the usual news views & gossip.


Mar 20, 2016

'The Don' gets it on with the boys in this weeks episode. Chris & Lee give you the inside lowdown on one of the finest family holidays in France while Mark & Jamie discuss the new Fox Swim Mapper App, answer listeners questions plus there is a new Top Trumps.


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DNA Baits

Mar 14, 2016

Kevin Nash returns to give an opinion on the debate around his recent opening of his lakes plus some drunken philosophical meanderings!  

Jamie finally has his rant about the new school vs. old school carping debate.

The boys answer a host of listeners questions plus the usual weekly round up.

Mar 7, 2016

Jamie & Mark discuss Nashgate this week as the opening of the famous Copse & Church lake 'broke' the Internet.


Jon Macallister visits the weekly Cast after his CC Xtra debut and the boys answer listeners questions.





Mar 1, 2016

Mark & Jamie discuss current news items while Mark is actually fishing! A live occurrence leads to some rig discussion while bait is a common theme this cast. Frank Warwick makes his debut on the weekly release and gives some jaw dropping bait discussion as well as a few of his legendary stories.


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