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The Carp Cast

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Oct 30, 2015

Mark & Jamie return as the show is now weekly for the second part of Carpy Scientist/Breeder and all round knowledgable chap Simon Scott.


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Oct 23, 2015

Mark and Jamie play host to Carp Team England manager Rob Hughes back from the world championship in Spain. Spoiler is in the title! We discuss 'Fishgate' referencing the recent internet scandal with Mark Holmes and Darrell Peck and our Special Guest in a 2 part special is fish expert Simon Scott.


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Oct 9, 2015

Bumper episode featuring 'Man on Fire' quite literally Darrell Peck. We have Rob Hughes live from Carp Team England's base on the Ebro as well as the latest news and gossip of the UK Carp scene.


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